ExpressMED offers Urgent Care for injuries or illnesses that need immediate attention but do not warrant a visit to your local Emergency Room. We take pride in our ability to render the spectrum of service you would expect from a hospital-affiliated urgent care without the associated higher costs. We have both the expertise and the resources to manage your urgent medical needs and at a lower cost to you. Our board-certified physicians and clinicians are experienced in providing outstanding urgent medical care at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit. We are conveniently located at the Executive Health & Sports Center with easy access to and from Manchester, Bedford, Londonderry, and Merrimack.

No appointments necessary. Reduce wait time by calling ahead for a convenient appointment. We welcome all major health insurances.
Services include but not limited to the following:
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Policies | ExpressMed NH Copyright 2014
One Highlander Way, Manchester NH  |  (603) 625-2622
Monday-Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 10am-4pm

Please call for holiday hours

(603) 625-2622

(603) 626-1816

One Highlander Way,
Manchester NH
-  Eye, ear, nose, and throat conditions

-  Skin and soft tissue infections and injuries
    including lacerations, minor burns, bites,

-  Gastrointestinal and genitourinary

-  Musculoskeletal complaints:  sprains,
   broken bones, and joint aches

-  Headache/minor head injury

-  Fever, coughs, colds, and flu

-  X-ray and lab tests on site
Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you are experiencing the following:
-  Chest pain and/or pressure
-  Severe shortness of breath
-  Severe abdominal pain
-  Extensive or deep, “charred” burns
-  Weakness or numbness involving the
    face, leg, or arm
-  Worst headache ever, seizures, or head injury with
    loss of consciousness
-  Vomiting blood or passing large amounts of blood
    from the rectum
-  Major bodily trauma, deep cuts, or difficult to
    control bleeding
Urgent Care | Call ahead, or schedule an appointment
Conveniently Located at the Executive Health and Sports Center at the entrance to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Flu Shots Still Available
Urgent Care is NOT a substitute for primary care and preventative services. If you need prescription refills or adjustments on your regular medications, please call your primary care physician’s office.
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