2015 Injury and Work Hardening Service Results

2015 Injury and Work Hardening Service Results

February 2, 2016

2015 Injury and Work Hardening Service Results

ExpressMED/BOAC of Manchester and Salem is pleased to publish our injury treatment statistical outcomes for the year of 2015! We are very excited to report our average number of visits from initial care to discharge remains constant at 3 which correlate with expedited return to work and lower medical costs. As you know, our Manchester and Salem clinics offer urgent care services in conjunction with our core occupational health services providing you with a medical partner that can treat your employees for injury / illness whether it occurs at work, home or play. We continue to provide exceptional medical care while maintaining competitive, low rates. Our following 2015 occupational treatment statistical outcomes are measured quarterly and annually.

In 2015, BOAC treated 1,362 injured workers and our injury treatment outcomes are as follows:
Number of Visits to case closure: Average 3
Days from initial treatment to discharge: 15.5
Percentage of cases with lost time: Less than 1%
Average cost per case $685

Occupational outcome data specific to your company is available and can be produced upon request. If you are interested in receiving this data at any time, please contact Danielle Ford 603.860.2533 who is your local Account Manager.

As a side note–outcome data for 2015 has also been provided by our Work Hardening partner, Apple Therapy. Results are impressive reporting 75% of patients enrolled completed the program within 4 weeks; resulting in a full duty work release. Some additional statistics relative to this program are as follows:

Total # of Patients 58
Average Patient OOW before entering program: 9.5 months
Patient enrolled in WH program: 4 weeks
Average number of visits: 17
Patients returned to Full Duty Work: 75%

As always, we value your business and know you have a choice of who you select—thank you for selecting us as a partner.