2016 Injury and Work Conditioning Service Results

2016 Injury and Work Conditioning Service Results

February 8, 2017

ExpressMED/BOAC clinics in Manchester and Salem, NH are pleased to publish injury treatment outcomes for the year 2016. For the sixth year in a row, our average number of visits [beginning with the initial visit through discharge by our clinic] remains at 3 visits. This is important to employers and carriers as it correlates with expedited return to work dates and lower medical costs. The data substantiates this with an average charge at $699 that encompasses 3 visits, and average duration of 15 days. Our statistical outcomes are measured on a quarterly basis for internal review and cumulatively on an annual basis – with the following results for 2016:

  • Number of visits to case closure:                        Average 3
  • Days from initial treatment to discharge:            15
  • Percentage of cases with lost time:                    Less than 1%
  • Average charges per case:                                 $699

Outcome data has also been provided by Apple Therapy demonstrating impressive results with their Work Conditioning program. Results for 2016 are as follows:

  • Total # Patients:                                                     62
  • Average time patient OOW before enrollment:      9 months
  • Average time in program:                                      4.5 weeks
  • Average # of visits:                                                17.4
    • Patients returned to Full Duty work:             72%
  • Average charge per case:                                     $3,695

As you know, our clinics also offer Urgent Care services in conjunction with our core Occupational Health medical expertise. This provides you with a respected and known medical partner that you can trust to treat your employees whether they are injured or ill at work, home or play.

We continue to provide exceptional medical care while being mindful to maintain competitive, low medical rates. Our clinics now offer At Home Sleep Study evaluations for a fraction of the cost of what is charged for an In-Lab Sleep study.


Additionally, more information about our Urgent Care membership program, Member Medical, will be coming soon. We are excited to be the first Urgent Care providers in New England to offer a discount membership program and look forward to discussing the details with our employer clients.