"BOAC is always the first place I recommend our employees go for any work related injuries and for all new hires to have their screening there. BOAC has very good providers and we always receive our paperwork in a timely manner. We are grateful you are so close to our facility."

- Maryann DiBenedetto, Felton Inc.

“I just wanted to tell you that we decided to complete switch from another Occ Health provider to BOAC. We sent several new employees for pre-placement physicals and all were happy with the service they received. I was waiting to send somebody with an injury before making a final decision. We had an LNA who was seen for a back injury this week and she couldn't say enough good things about her experience. Communication is great, any questions I have are answered timely. So thank you for reaching out to us and introducing us to your facility. And please make sure that employees there know that we appreciate the great job they do and great service they provide.”

- Ana Novcic, RN, SDC, Villa Crest Nursing and Retirement Center

"You guys are great. We really appreciate you and really enjoy having you guys as our Occupational Health Provider and making time for our employees on short notice. Thanks again!"

- Ashley Dyson, Human Resources/Payroll, Pleasant Valley Nursing Center

"Injured employees seen right away, all questions answered in a timely manner and a friendly and caring staff. What more could you ask for? BOAC is the best!"

- Chief James F. Midgley, Pelham Fire Dept.

"We have been using BOAC for almost 10 years now and are very pleased with the great success that our injured employees have had while in their care. Their staff is extremely helpful and professional at all times and our employees never seem to have a long wait with their appointments. We quite often get same day appointments and our employees are back to work the same day. We are very lucky that they are so close to us in Salem."

- Cathy Martin, RN, CRRN, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network

"In the field we are in, very rarely do we hear the good news about interactions we have had. I just wanted to write to talk to you about the experience that I had with my first interaction with BOAC. One of my associates was injured on a delivery on 4/5. I called for an appointment yesterday and he was scheduled for a visit later that day. The receptionist was great - helpful and efficient. I called again later to schedule a DOT physical, and although a different receptionist, I received the same superb service. Later in the day, I received a phone call from Christine Harker regarding the injured delivery associate. She went into full detail about the injury, restrictions and return visit. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the detailed service that I was part of, in just one day. I immediately called our workers compensation insurance company and switched our primary occupational care provider to BOAC. Update 6 months later: The great service continues as has the ease of scheduling appointments. Thank You."

- Robin Ard, Human Resources, Lowes Salem, NH

"Our company switched over to BOAC about 6 months ago. We had been having trouble with our past provider, and after many endless and repetitive meetings with them, it seemed the communication would never improve. We were referred to BOAC and set up a meeting with them to hear what they had to offer. After the meeting we were curious to hear if they were really as great as they sounded- they are. BOAC has surpassed our expectations and is by far the best medical provider out there. They communicate with both the employee and employer like no other company does. They send paperwork over immediately following an appointment, then proceed by calling to discuss paperwork to ensure there are no questions with any of the doctor’s notes. The doctors at BOAC get to know our employees, and work with them to get them back to work. We appreciate the service you have given to us thus far, and we are excited to continue using you as our provider!"

- Sara Boots, MAS Medical Staffing

"What I appreciate most about BOAC is the communication. Information is timely with great details. Reports are typed so it is easy to read, I don’t have to be a handwriting interpreter to know exactly what treatment our employees had. The doctors show genuine care and concern for our employees. I appreciate it when the doctor calls me directly for any clarification or ways that we as an employer can help the employee get back to work. The entire staff is friendly, patient and easy to talk to. One of Great NH Restaurants’ core values is ‘Executing Greatness’. In my opinion the entire BOAC staff personifies what it means to Execute Greatness. Thank you for a job well done!"BOAC Testimonials"We have been in partnership with you as our medical facility since 1999. We are very pleased with the service you have provided with us. We have a lot of different medical needs ranging from Random Drug Testing, Physical Ability Tests, Pre-Employment Physicals and evaluating/treating our injured employees. You are always willing to see our injured employees in a very timely manner as you never know when an injury will occur. The employees compliment the thoroughness of the doctors they treat with. Thank you for the wonderful service over the past years and we hope to continue in the years to come..."

- Deb Charest, HR from Pepsi - Manchester, NH - January, 2012
"Since 2012 we have been in partnership with Bedford Occupational Acute Care for our employee’s medical care. Whether the need be for Work Place Injury treatment, pre-employment physicals or DOT certifications; the staff is always accommodating in the scheduling needs of our employees. The physicians do a fabulous job accessing their injuries and treating them medically. We have a great rapport with the entire team to work towards our collective goal of “stay at work” during times of restricted duty through “release to full duty”. Their multiple locations have been a benefit as our labor force is on the road and depending on the injury or location of follow up care has been made more convenient. We feel confident with the services BOAC provides for us and we trust in them to continue making the medical decisions for our employees. Surely one of the best decisions for Fences Unlimited Inc. & The Stove Shoppe!"

- Celeste Gendron, HR Manager, Fences Unlimited, Inc. & The Stove Shoppe